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Group Empowerment Coaching

What: Group coaching is effective and supports personal empowerment and mutual learning. Our integrated approach to group coaching incorporates mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being, and helps individuals thrive at work and in life. Topics that are often addressed are burnout, life balance, self-care, resiliency, adapting to change, forming healthy habits, managing stress, conflict resolution, overcoming barriers, and change adoption.

Why: World Health Organization says stress is the new epidemic of our times, and a recent Gallup survey reported 1 out of 4 employees is experiencing high levels of stress that is impacting their mental health and job performance. Mental health and well-being remain more important than ever, which is why Empower Health America is providing Group Empowerment Coaching.

How: 60 to 75-minute virtual interactive discussion on primary topics impacting the mental health and well-being of employees. The group coaching forum enables employees to connect and discuss important issues. Lead facilitator, Terrie Reeves guides the group interaction on topics of interest and need to employees and the organization. Employees can submit areas they would like to have covered in advance of the session, and some organizations facilitate a formal survey to enlist feedback.  The ideal number of participants is 3 to 16. The group dynamic changes with larger numbers. The 4 P Model™ (Pause, Process, Pivot and Proceed) serves as the foundation for coaching. This model supports self-awareness and self-regulation, decision making, and gives structure to the change process.

Lead Facilitator  

TERRIE REEVES, FOUNDER OF EMPOWER HEALTH AMERICA is the lead facilitator on group empowerment coaching and has over 25 years of experience in organizational change, behavioral health and medical management, and corporate communication and employee engagement. She is a change advocate, National Speaker, and facilitator, MSOD: Master of Science in Organization Development from Queens University, certified coach, and a credentialed Yoga Alliance master level educator. She also offers training and certification programs in mindfulness, yoga, and integrated health and well-being. Click here to access Terrie’s complete bio.