How Empower Health America can Help

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We take the burden off HR by providing turn-key, affordable solutions that work.

An alarming number of employees report they have unhealthy habits, feel stressed and overextended at work and in life – not a great combination for organizations, and all leading to disengaged, less productive and costly employees.

Empower Health America uses organization development (OD) strategies and research-based tools and programs to help organizations reverse this trend.  

There is no quick fix, and we know that the status quo doesn’t solve problems, nor mitigate risk. Our goal is to help you keep your employees engaged, healthy and productive.

Competitive Advantage: To stay competitive in today’s market place, organizations are creating healthier work environments to attract and retain talent. However, progressive companies are taking it a step further and offering employee development programs and institutionalizing initiatives to keep employees engaged, healthy, and productive.    

Our service solutions focus on:

  • Organizational structure and cultural health
  • Program needs identification and alignment  
  • Employee progress and care coordination
  • Awareness and personal development
  • Mental health, well-being and behavioral change 
  • Stress management, resiliency and mindfulness
  • Buy-in, outcomes and institutionalizing change 


Step 1: Cultural audit

“Your culture determines who you attract and retain.”  

Step 2: Program strategy and design, communication support and kick-off session.

“We do the work, so you don’t have to.”

Step 3: Proprietary Behavioral Health Assessment (BHA)

“Facilitation of a simple assessment provides powerful data and insight.”  

Step 4: Meeting to share Behavioral Health Assessment data, which identifies:

  • Stress triggers and performance barriers
  • Mental and behavioral health challenges
  • Cultural and employee needs  
  • Program opportunities and what employees’ value  
  • Where employees want to take action
  • Care coordination opportunities

“Data drives informed decisions and intentional action, which helps companies save time and money.”   

Step 5: Ongoing support throughout the year:

  • Weekly behavioral and well-being tips
  • Monthly themed educational material  
  • Behavioral health and well-being eBooklets
  • On-site or virtual behavioral health and well-being presentations
  • Access to online tools and customized action plans to support behavioral change
  • Customized solutions and deliverables can be developed  

“Ongoing tools help to drive positive behavioral change.”

Organizational Benefits:

  • Affordable solution
  • Low HR burden
  • Easy implementation process
  • Data driven solutions 
  • OD consulting and programs help organizations:
    • Attract and retain talent
    • Provide personal development opportunities
    • Improve engagement, health and well-being
    • Increase productivity and individual performance

“Organizational change often starts at the top, but is accomplished through engaged employees working together.”

Services can be provided a la carte but are more effective when bundled.

Customization can be provided, and additional services are available based on need.

Scope of Services Empower Health America Offers: OD Consulting | Individual and Group Coaching | Empowerment Programs | Corporate, Team and Individual Workshops and Retreats | Leadership Development Training

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