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Our Philosophy

In 2015 I launched Empower Health America which was influenced by this simple yet complex question: What makes people feel healthy, happy, and whole? Since the beginning of time, human beings have been on a quest to find the secret to achieving perfect health and happiness, and history seems to link the two together like a tightly woven Kevlar rope. Individuals can feel healthy and happy independently, but when one experiences both, life seems to bring with it a sense of peace and wholeness. Centuries of research have influenced opinion and theory around how to find the ideal balance, but despite the effort, there is still no perfect answer. So, the search continues.

Since my question involved the words healthy, happy, and whole I looked for a word that would describe a state of being that represented all three. The closest word I could find was well-being, which didn’t capture the essence of the 3 words combined. Since I couldn’t find the perfect word, I created my own, Ideal Being®, and trademarked it. After 10 years of research, I expanded the word Ideal Being® to the Ideal Being® Model. A model that invites individuals to take a more holistic view of their life. The definition of Ideal Being® is to reach a deep state of happiness and satisfaction in your life by feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, happy, and whole based on what is important to you. 

Empower Health America invites you to pause and ponder for a moment… Could becoming aware of what defines your Ideal Being® be a good place to start? Our society teaches us to seek outside of ourselves for answers, satisfaction, and fulfillment, which steers us in the wrong direction. What makes us feel healthy, happy, and whole requires us to turn inward for direction and affirmation, but we have been ill-equipped and not encouraged to take this self-focused journey.

Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your own heart.
Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Creation of the Ideal Being Model® and the Train for Life® (TFL) Assessment

As Westerners, we tend to measure health and happiness through a narrow lens. Going to the doctor, eating well, exercising, and getting proper sleep are several traditional behaviors individuals might associate with the word healthy. Going to college, getting married, landing a good job, and having children are also ways we might measure happiness. Some or all of these achievements may resonate with you, but reaching a state of Ideal Being® is going to require a much deeper dive. This is the primary reason I created the Ideal Being® Model and the Train for Life® Assessment.

The Ideal Being® Model invites individuals to take inventory of their lives in a more holistic manner, and the Train for Life® Assessment offers a road map for self-discovery. The intention of both is to encourage individuals to broaden their perspective by exposing them to a new way of assessing their life and increasing their awareness of the many factors that impact and influence Ideal Being®. Over a decade of research resulted in the identification of the 15 dimensions represented in the Ideal Being® Model: Nutrition, Activity, Emotion, Habits, Relationships, Health, Financial, Play, Home, Intellect, Self-image, Purpose, Spiritual, Life Balance and Relax. Research affirms that each of these dimensions can impact your health and happiness. However, the quest for answers to my initial question (What makes people feel healthy, happy, and whole?) continues and thanks to new research more pieces of the puzzle are being discovered. 

The Discovery Process

Taking the Train For Life® Assessment helps individuals become more aware and awake to their Ideal Being®. Figuring out what Ideal Being® means to you is not cracking a secret code or formula, it is about unlocking the mysteries that can only be found through self-discovery. Once an individual begins to gain clarity around how they envision their state of Ideal Being®, they shouldn’t expect it to be the same as anyone else. Each individual is unique, which is what the “I” in Ideal Being® represents. Just as a fingerprint is distinct, so is an individual’s blueprint of Ideal Being®.

Discovering what is ideal to an individual is important, but note that what defines their ideal state is dynamic and will shift based on where they are in life. Individuals can’t stop evolution or control the world around them, but they can stay awake and aware of what’s important to them. This clarity can serve as a compass to help individuals re-calibration when needed. Empower Health America believes through self-study and greater awareness, more intentional decisions can be made.

Grounded in Gratitude

As the Founder of Empower Health America, it is an honor and privilege to share my life’s work with you.

Pause, and Consider New Possibilities,
Terrie Reeves, Founder of Empower Health America

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