7 Day Challenge

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We develop custom-designed challenges for organizations.

Below is the framework for the types of challenges we can create.

Sample employee communication video: Terrie Reeves, Founder of Empower Health America will share the intention behind the Join the Pause Challenge in this short video.

Let’s Get Started: If you are looking for a little foundational information on meditation and mindfulness before you get started click the below links.

Join the Pause – 7 Day Meditation and Mindfulness Challenge

Each meditation is guided and appropriate for all levels. In addition to the meditation, you will also have access to additional tools and resources that will invite you to PAUSE and consider new possibilities for your life.

This challenge is not live and is only intended to provide you with a 7-Day Challenge overview. Each day below can be designed to hotlink you to a daily meditation and additional educational resources. A few sample resources are provided for your review. We customize each challenge based on organizational needs.

Day 1 Meditation

Day 1 Resource – 12 Healthy Habits

Day 2 Meditation

Day 2 Resource – The Power of Vitamin G

Day 3 Meditation

Day 3 Resource

Day 4 Meditation

Day 4 Resource

Day 5 Meditation

Day 5 Resource

Day 6 Meditation

Day 6 Resource

Day 7 Meditation

Day 7 Resource

Resource Library

Below is a reflection of the types of resources that would be included in the resource library for a Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge.

12 Healthy Habits to Practice

Power in the Pause

30 Ways to Reduce Stress

Infographic Thumbnail: Effects of Meditation on the Brain
The Effects of Meditation on the Brain

Train For Life® (TFL) Assessment
View the 2-minute Train for Life® video to learn about our proprietary Train for Life® Assessment. It is a groundbreaking life inventory tool that will invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery.  Click the TFL button below to take the assessment.

Before clicking the assessment button, read the short instructions below.

When you sign in use the Company Code: Free TFL 

Note: Take the assessment on a laptop, notebook, or desktop. There is too much information to navigate on a smartphone.

It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the first level of the assessment. You will be prompted to answer 15 questions. Once you complete this first phase we encourage you to unlock the dimensions that are important to you. New information will be revealed as you unlock each one. Don’t miss the personalized action plan under each dimension, where you gain access to valuable dimension specific information, self-discovery exercises, a Universal Stress Module and a number of tools and resources that have been developed specifically for you.

Your results and personalized action plans are confidentially stored, and you can return to the site anytime to continue to explore your results and action plans. Remember to save your password. There is an important rate your experience questionnaire at the end of the assessment process which will provide us valuable feedback regarding your TFL™ experience. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.  

Enjoy your TFL experience!    

If you have any technical difficulties taking your assessment please email info@EHAmerica.com

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