The Train For Life® Change Process

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The Train For Life® Change Process powered by Empower Health America, created by Founder, Terrie Elizabeth Reeves. I hope this visual journey through the change process inspires you to move from Awareness to Ideal Being. Pause and become Aware, Awake, Empowered and Transformed so you can reach your state of Ideal Being®.

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I have been researching health, happiness and readiness to change for over 10 years, and I remain fascinated with what inspires people to make changes in their life. Adopting new behavior is not easy, but possible with the right process and mind-set.

I facilitate empowerment coaching and it is abundantly clear that most people have never been given a roadmap to help make change easier and possible. The great news is the change process can be broken down into stages and demystified. So, I will attempt to do just that, by putting framework around the process. First, it is important to PAUSE to become AWARE of what you want to change and AWAKE to why the change is important to you. Determining what your intrinsic “heart centered” motivation is regarding your desired change is a key motivator to making change possible and sustainable. Understanding why something is important and how your life can be positively impacted will help EMPOWER you to take action. However, thought and clarity on what you want to change and why it is important is not enough by itself. Establishing an intentional and clear plan to help you adopt new behavior is critical, and ensuring you have the tools and support to make the change possible is essential. It is also important to have a rebound plan when you encounter challenges or experience relapse, so moving from awareness to transformation is possible. TRANSFORMATION is the stage of change were new behavior becomes part of your life.

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Making changes in your life and adapting new behavior is not easy, but possible. Enhance your chances of making the changes you want to make possible by accessing the Actions Change Model tool. It will help you achieve the outcomes you desire. Click here.

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