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The Rising Stronger yoga retreat at the Om Sanctuary offered me a safe place to reflect, move and breathe. It was the first time in years that I truly felt unplugged and relaxed; I left with a sense of renewal.  As a wife and mother of two young children, who has a full-time job as an airline pilot and part time job in the Navy Reserves, time away from home is very precious. This retreat offered me the most important gift I could give myself-a space to reflect on me, for an entire weekend! The yoga sessions led by Terrie and Suzanne brought a sweaty challenge but also offered a softer side that allowed for laughter and even some dance party fun.  Rising Stronger was a “first class” experience… from the power yoga to self-reflection sessions, from the newly found friendships to the serenity of nature walks, from the healthy food to comfortable accommodations, attending this retreat is the best gift you could give to yourself or someone you love. It was truly an honor to be a participant in your founding retreat. I am excited to see more breakout sessions in the upcoming 2019 retreats. I think there is so much growth in sharing experience and energy:)
Om shanti! – Melissa (Mel) McCaslin 

I am a yoga instructor in Charlotte, North Carolina and I attended Suzanne and Terrie’s first Rising Stronger retreat last fall in Asheville.  I have attended many workshops and retreats during my career as a yoga teacher.  Rising Stronger was by far the best retreat I have experienced thus far.  It was life changing for me. Terrie and Suzanne do such an amazing job of sharing their life experience and weaving all aspects of mind, body and spirit into three days.  They both practice everything they speak about during the retreat and that is something very important to me as a teacher. I truly enjoyed all aspects of the retreat.  I left feeling balanced, centered and full of joy.  Terrie and Suzanne do an amazing job finding balance between practicing yoga, finding time to rest, meditate, eat real whole food and just enjoy life.  I look forward to attending many more Rising Stronger retreats and bringing friends and family to share this experience with. – Beth Campbell

Wow – that’s all I have to say! What a weekend. The perfect balance of introspection and community. Time to get out of my own mind and into relationship with other strong, like-minded women. A deep-dive into what I want – and need – to make the most of this beautiful thing called life! I learned so much from the other attendees, and from Suzanne and Terrie. – Sarah Saxon

This was my first retreat and I loved everything about it. My favorites things were the yoga, meeting all the people and forming friendships, and learning the importance of the pause.  I wish I could do this retreat every weekend. – Blair Dagenhart

The Rising Stronger 2018 retreat was exactly what I needed. Facilitators Terrie and Suzanne did an outstanding job of combining thoughtful yoga practices with overall wellness and personal development sessions. They truly touched my life, and I feel that they did so in a very professional manner. I will be there again! – Stephanie Kimball

The retreat was amazing! You are both pros and this was such a quality retreat. Everything flowed and everyone responded so well. I’m obviously not an experienced yogi but I liked all the activities and I got a workout which was important to me. You made me feel so welcome and comfortable and for a lifelong wallflower, it was amazing. I learned that pausing, even just for a few minutes each day, is life changing. It centers me, it grounds me, and it makes me a better role model for my children. I also learned that there are so many people out there that get overwhelmed with daily life and that a simple pause can put it all back into perspective. The retreat reminded me to find joy in my daily life and I value the simple joys of just being with my family. The Rising Stronger Retreat was an awakening of the spirit inside of me. Through the yoga, the reflections, the conversations, the food, the focus, the music and the silence, I felt changed and prepared for new possibilities and full of hope!

– Lisa Postal  

The retreat was amazing! You are both pros and this was such a quality retreat. Everything flowed and everyone responded so well. I’m obviously not an experienced yogi but I liked all the activities and I got a workout which was important to me. – Vedra Augenstein

The retreat was Amazing! I am staying on the invite list because I want to attend next year, and I know it will be even more amazing. Suzanne and Terrie, you are both awesome and I am grateful for you both! I loved spending time with the two of you and the other strong women for 3 days. The sense of community was one of my favorite things.
The retreat was at the best time of the year! It got me ready to be present moving into the busy Holiday season! I got a new energy and perspective that can carry me through to the New Year! – Dara Brownlow  

This was a weekend of soul searching, connection and renewal! I learned we are all the same: young and old, joining together for a common purpose. I loved the digging deep, the yoga practices and the connection with new friends. – Meg Thomason