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Empowering organizations, leaders, teams, and employees to THRIVE.  

Training and Empowerment Sessions
Delivered standalone or combined to build customized leadership development programs, corporate retreats, workshops, and employee training programs. Our programming is often integrated into pre-existing corporate initiatives and is designed to support professional and personal growth and development. Programs are facilitated virtual, onsite, or hybrid.

Popular Sessions

  1. Institutionalizing Organizational Change
  2. 5 P Change Model™ – Pause, Process, Plan, Pivot, and Proceed
  3. Develop Psychological Capital – Confidence, Hope, Optimism, and Resilience
  4. Lead with Confidence During Disruption and Crisis
  5. Finding Normalcy in High-Stress Times
  6. Team Building for Optimal Engagement and Performance
  7. Engaging, Managing, and Motivating Virtual Teams
  8. Turn Conflict into Courageous Conversations
  9. Emotional Intelligence is the New IQ
  10. Resiliency – Your New Superpower
  11. Neuroscience – Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  12. Demystify Mindfulness – Techniques and Mainstream Application
  13. Choose Life Balance – Not Burnout
  14. The Art and Science of Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Stress Management
  15. Practice Self-Care – the Quality of Your Life Depends on it
  16. Forming Healthy Habits for Life
  17. Stop Negative Thoughts – Rewire Your Brain
  18. Don’t Let Time Mange You – Manage It

Facilitation Style
1. Invites discovery and self-reflection
2. Encourages engagement and experiential learning
3. Integrates group interaction for mutual learning
4. Examines change readiness and encourages intentional action

Below is an example of how you can Design Your Experience

1. Train Your Brain: the quality of your mental health depends on it

  • Broaden your perspective of the mind-body connection   
  • Identify what is causing you stress and how it impacts you and others
  • Learn to reduce stress by integrating healthy strategies that will improve the quality of your mental health

“The 5 P Change Model™ makes self-regulation and decision making easier”

2. Train For Optimal Health: the quality of your life depends on it

  • Broaden your perspective of well-being and self-care
  • Identify where your life is out of balance and how that impacts you and others 
  • Learn to practice greater self-care by integrating healthy habits that will improve the quality of your life

    “Choose life balance, not burnout”

3. Train For Courageous Conversation: the quality of your relationships depend on it

  • Broaden your perspective of conflict and integrated resolution  
  • Identify your conflict management style and how conflict impacts you and others
  • Learn to manage conflict by integrating healthy strategies to improve the quality of your relationships

“Choose to build bridges not walls”  

4. Train For Fearless Leadership: the quality of your team’s performance depends on it

  • Broaden your perspective of how leadership is impacted in high-stress times  
  • Identify your leadership style and its impact on you and your team  
  • Learn to coach in crisis by integrating key strategies to improve the quality of your team’s performance

“Choose to lead with courage, empathy and hope”   

Proprietary Tools
The below tools are integrated based on programming. They are also used to support our coaching services.

  • Train For Life™ (TFL)* Assessment
  • TFL Online Platform
  • 5 P Change Model™  
  • Ideal Being® Model
  • Readiness to Change Audit
  • ACTIONS Change Model  
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Inventory Tools
  • Evidence-Based Assessments

*Train For Life™ Assessment
The Train For Life Assessment invites individuals to take inventory to measure life balance and stress. Additional online support is provided, giving individuals access to 15 self-guided empowerment plans, and a comprehensive TFL Empowerment Book.    

*5 P Change Model™
The 5 P Change Model™ – Pause, Process, Plan, Pivot, and Proceed provides a framework that supports intentional change, and it is integrated into our consulting and supporting services. The model incorporates evidence-based theories, processes, and techniques to support the change process.

Empowerment Toolkit
Additional resources below are provided to each participant to reinforce learning objectives. They are also used to support our coaching services.

1. Educational Videos and Podcasts 
2. Self-Awareness Questionnaires
3. TFL Empowerment Tips 
4. Educational Handouts and Exercises
5. Evidence-Based Articles
6. Video Recording of Session(s)

Add On Services and Activities can be integrated to further customize programs.

  • Empowerment coaching
  • Evidence-Based Assessments
  • Employee Challenges
  • Meditation, Yoga, and fitness Sessions

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TERRIE REEVES, FOUNDER OF EMPOWER HEALTH AMERICA is the lead facilitator and has over 25 years of experience in organizational change, behavioral health, medical management, and employee empowerment. She is a change advocate, National Speaker, coach, and program facilitator. Terrie is one class away from completing her (MSOD) Master of Science in Organization Development from Queens University. She is a certified intrinsic coach and holds several executive assessment training certifications. Terrie is also a credentialed Yoga Alliance master level educator and offers training and certification programs in mindfulness, yoga, and integrated health and well-being. Click to learn more about Terrie

Empower Health America’s vision is to transform lives, communities, organizations, and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action.