Strategic Partners

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Empower Health America partners with like-minded organizations that identify with our mission, “To transform lives, communities, organizations and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action”.


If you are a nonprofit organization interested in learning more about co-creating and collaborating with us, we’d love to do some discovery. Contact us.  Our desire is to create meaningful experiences for non-profit employees and the individuals and stakeholders they serve. Special pricing available for nonprofit organizations. Click to learn about a partnership initiative we did with SHARE Charlotte.

Individual Practitioners

Coaches, counselors, therapists, personal trainers, and other individuals interested contact us to learn how our tools and programming are helping individuals make sustainable change. Click here to learn how we are serving individuals.


Progressive consultants interested in learning more about how Empower Health America can help you provide your clients with innovative solutions contact us. Click here to learn how we are serving organizations.


Empower Health America recognizes that students of all ages need tools and resources to navigate life more effectively. We are partnering with schools to help prepare young adults not only for a career but for life. Contact us to learn more.