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Terrie is the Founder of Empower Health America (EHA), a research and education-based consulting firm that provides consulting, and educational programming focused on empowering organizations, leadership, teams, and employees to THRIVE. 

Our vision is “To transform lives, communities, organizations, and the world by encouraging self-study and empowering mindful action.”

Empower Health America provides service solutions focused on individual, team, leadership, and organizational change. Terrie has over 25 years of business and consulting experience and takes a systems approach with her clients by focusing on the culture, the processes, and the people. She believes change starts at the individual level so leadership and
employee awareness and development are a primary focus. Key areas include engagement and performance, health and well-being, readiness to change, and personal and professional development and empowerment.

Terrie is a change agent, seasoned consultant, coach, and educator. She has designed and implemented over 200 interventions with a wide range of clients.

Clients/partners include Brighthouse Financial, Synergy Flavors, Inc.,  ORC Real Estate Solutions, Studio Architects, Domino’s Pizza, OneDigital Consulting,
Colliers International,  Queens University, HopeWay, Intelligent Building, GCI Residential, Edible Arrangements, Campbell & Associates, Northeastern
University, Capital Services, Lance Snyder, Glen Raven Mills, Sunbelt Rentals, Presbyterian College, American & Efird, Mary Black Hospital System, City of
Woodstock, Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and nonprofits Carolina Breast Friends, SHARE Charlotte, Thrive Global, Human Society, Teaching
Fellowship Institute, Hands For Holly, Resilient Voices, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool, and over a dozen more.  

Terrie has reached millions of people through television, video, workshops, events, conferences, speaking engagements, and consulting. Interested in having Terrie facilitate a program or speak at an event? Click here.

As a researcher and innovator Terrie created and trademarked a holistic well-being model, Ideal Being®, and a life inventory assessment, Train For Life™. To help individuals, teams, and organizations make sustainable change, she provides Train For Life™ Empowerment Coaching, and Programs which integrate the 5 P Change Model – Pause, Process, Plan, Pivot, and Proceed to help guide individuals, teams, and organizations through the change process.  Terrie uses her proprietary tools when appropriate, but leverages other evidence-based coaching methods and assessments based on the client’s needs and goals.  You will see the integration of her research around EQ, readiness to change, human performance, resiliency, health, and well-being in many of the service solutions Empower Health America provides.

Experience Highlights:

  • Creator of the Train For Life™ Assessment, Ideal Being® Model, and the 5 P Change Model™ supporting the change process. 
  • Creator of the Rising Stronger Empowerment Program designed to help cancer survivors not just cope, but thrive
  • Active Board Member of Carolina Breast Friends (volunteerism, engagement, and marketing)
  • Volunteers her time by providing empowerment programs to local non-profits and young adults
  • Keynote speaker for over 200 corporate events, non-profit organizations, youth groups, professional associations, health and wellness summits, and State and National SHRM conferences
  • 2018 winner of Dancing With The Stars, part of a collaborative effort raising awareness and over $700,000 dollars for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Creator and editor of the Work Wise – Live Abundantly newsletter  
  • The host of 2 Scoops of Inspiration Podcast
  • Hosted:
    • An on-air health franchise, Train for Life on News 14 reaching over 2.8 million viewers weekly;
    • A weekly fitness segment for News 14 called Turn Back the Clock; and
    • A wellness-focused segment called Wellness Wednesdays
  • Google Search Inside Yourself Training and Whil Mindfulness Leadership Training
  • WorkPlace Big Five certified
  • Actualized Leadership certified (ALP)
  • Intrinsic Coach certified – focus: executive, mid-level, and individuals with a readiness to change
  • Developed and facilitated “Operation Jump-Start – Slam Dunk Wellness”. Program serving high-risk youth
  • Behavioral health and well-being writer with over 200 published articles
  • Served as a White House ambassador for the first National Physical Fitness Day
  • 3 time National Sportaerobics Champion
  • Yoga Alliance certified – practicing and teaching for over 20 years
  • Facilitator of over 10,000 hours of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, martial arts teaching, and training
  • Founder of the Train For Life Mindfulness and Yoga Academy through Yoga Alliance
  • Co-creator and co-facilitator of 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Creator of Train For Life® Empowerment and Rising Stronger Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats
  • National fitness presenter – featured in Shape Magazine
  • Producer of 10 national health and wellness videos including a boxing video with Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Represented fitness products on TV and helped develop the home boxing product Slam Man

In 2003, Terrie launched Wellness Coalition America (WCA), a non-profit health advocacy company, and in 2005 merged WCA with Healthgram Medical, a third-party administrator of group health insurance. She remained on board for 10 years as President, managing the build-out and oversight of Healthgram’s health and well-being division.

Terrie completes a Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) from Queens University in Spring 2021. 

Terrie shares why she developed the Ideal Being Model®, Train For Life Assessment®, and the 4 P Framework™.

Spending over three decades in the health and wellness industry, and countless hours studying and researching readiness to change has broadened my perspective of health, happiness, and human potential. I view the human body and its potential in a more holistic manner. As Westerners, we tend to take a narrow view of what impacts our lives and what constitutes healthy behavior. Going to the doctor, eating well, exercising, and getting proper sleep are all important aspects of well-being and affect human performance, but I believe there are many more factors that impact someone’s overall health, happiness, and personal and professional potential.

Mounting research, peer-reviewed articles, and consistent reports from sources such as Gallup, World Health Organization, and leading institutions like Johns Hopkins, University of Massachusetts, and Duke Integrated Medicine have affirmed and fueled my perspective. This, along with my own life experiences, prompted 10 years of research and inspired me to develop a new well-being model (Ideal Being® model) that invites individuals to take inventory of their lives in a more holistic manner. The model encourages people to broaden their perception of health and human potential and to move beyond well-being to what I have trademarked as, Ideal Being®.” Definition of Ideal Being: Reaching a deep state of happiness and satisfaction in your life by feeling physically healthy, mentally happy, and emotionally whole, based on what is important to you.

The Train For Life® Assessment invites individuals to examine their life across the 15 dimensions represented in the Ideal Being® model. The assessment helps individuals become aware of their current state and awake to where they are motivated to take action and why. 

The Train For Life® Assessment is often used in tandem with Train For Life® Coaching and Empowerment Programs.

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