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Empowerment Coaching

Focuses on individual and leadership development and the 5 P Change Model™ – Pause, Process, Plan, Pivot, and Proceed is integrated to support the change process. Coaching sessions are customized based on the needs of the coachee and cover personal awareness (EQ), readiness to change,
intrinsic motivation, goal setting, and behavioral sustainability. Our holistic approach integrates mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being, and helps individuals thrive at work and in life. Topics that are often addressed are managing during high-stress times, communication, burnout, life balance, resiliency, adapting to change, forming healthy habits, stress management, conflict resolution, overcoming barriers, performance improvement, and change adoption. All coaching conversations are confidential.  

5 P Change Model™
The 5 P Change Model™ – Pause, Process, Plan, Pivot, and Proceed provides framework that supports intentional change, and it is integrated into our coaching process. The model incorporates evidence-based theories, processes, and techniques to support the change process.

The 5 P Change Model™ is used to guide the coaching process:   

  1. Pause – Assess current state and identify areas of need and readiness to change – Awareness is crucial
  2. Process – Identify challenges and ideate options and solutions –  Assessment is essential
  3. Plan – Design action plan to support goals and identify potential barriers – Alignment is vital  
  4. Pivot – Adjust direction by initiating action, and course-correct as needed along the way – Action and Agility are critical 
  5. Proceed – Fully deploy action plan for adoption and sustainability to support change – Adoption is key   

The 5 P Change Model™ provides structure to the change process but coaching and goal setting are not linear, so expect to revisit steps in the process.  

Proprietary Tools and Assessments are integrated based on organizational goals, coaching focus, and the coachees’ objectives. Below are tools that can be integrated.

*Train For Life™ Assessment
The Train For Life Assessment invites individuals to take inventory to measure life balance and stress. Additional online support is provided, giving individuals access to 15 self-guided empowerment plans, and a comprehensive TFL Empowerment Book.  
Click to view a short employee-focused TFL informational video 

Empowerment Tool Kit is provided to coaching clients and contains educational information and resources to support and reinforce learning and coaching objectives.

1. Above Proprietary Tools and Assessments
2. Educational Podcasts 
3. Lifestyle Questionnaires 
4. TFL Empowerment Tips 
5. Educational Handouts
6. Evidence-Based Articles
7. Stress Management Exercises
8. Mindfulness Techniques

Coaching Testimonials

“In the fall of 2019, I began to sense that my mental and physical well-being were in jeopardy. Twenty years in a high-stress job and a lifetime of challenges with my family of origin had taken its toll. I was run down and tired. I had too much stress and anxiety in my life and I was blind to my triggers. Without change, I could not be the business leader, father, husband, and friend that I wanted to be. There is no magic cure so I needed someone to guide me down the right path to self-improvement. Enters Terrie Reeves. Terrie and I got to know each other through yoga and her enthusiasm and passion for self-care resonated with me. The insight and inspiration I gained through my work with Terrie gave me the courage to make some very powerful changes. Our conversations helped to identify opportunities for improvement and methods to effect positive change. I am still a work in progress but my connection with Terrie provides the conversation, education, and inspiration to remain committed to a life of continuous improvement and self-care.” After a year of coaching with me, she is now providing organization development consulting, leadership and empowerment training, and executive coaching for key members of my team.
 T. Chapman, Partner Corporate Services

Terrie is the epitome of a mind-body-spirit/personal and professional coach. She uses the 5 P Model coaching framework which reminds you to pause, process, pivot, and proceed, which creates a unique intersection where she helps her clients succeed in a corporate environment while finding balance and breathe when it matters most. She coaches me… the executive, the leader, the mom/wife, and the person. I would highly recommend her as an empowerment coach for a group or individual! She has been such an integral part of my life for the past several years. From centering my mind with yoga and mindfulness training to challenging me to LEAD and LIVE with positive intentions…and never forgetting the pause.
– K. Kalpin, VP, Strategic Marketing Premier, Inc.

“Terrie, you have been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to reach out to you, and thank you for coaching me. You had an incredible impact on my life and I still carry what I learned from you and what I learned about myself with me today. You are such a bright light with a wonderful soul and you truly made a big difference in my life. My life has been better in more ways than one and I just felt compelled to tell you and more than anything wish you the best.”
– Sami, coaching client  

“I just finished the assessment. Your assessment is fantastic!  So easy to navigate and the information is wonderful.  Love the way it is broken down, and all the tools/action plans.  When feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it is hard to see a clear path.  Your assessment makes moving forward seem very manageable which is a huge gift.  Can’t wait to get started with the coaching and action plan.”  ;-))
– V Masoni, coaching client  

TERRIE REEVES, FOUNDER OF EMPOWER HEALTH AMERICA is the lead coach and has over 25 years of experience in organizational change, behavioral health and medical management, and corporate communication and employee engagement. She is a change advocate, National Speaker, and facilitator. Terrie is completing her MSOD, Master of Science in Organization Development at Queens University Spring 2021, is a certified coach, and a credentialed Yoga Alliance master level educator. She also offers training and certification programs in mindfulness, yoga, and integrated health and well-being. Click to learn more about Terrie

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