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The below organizational and individual value propositions are reviewed during the discovery process to ensure there is clarity and alignment regarding the utilization of the Train For Life® (TFL) Self Assessment and our process. Program intention, service delivery and intended outcomes are covered with the sponsor organization to ensure optimal success.

Organizational Value Proposition:
The Train For Life Assessment is a cultural awareness tool which measures employee satisfaction, happiness, productivity, stress, and employee readiness to change across 15 dimensions with eight primary outcome objectives.

Primary organizational outcome objectives:
1. Use the TFL Assessment to support their cultural goals in the area of employee health, satisfaction, performance and engagement
2. Send a positive message to their employees
3. Recognize what is causing their employees stress, where they are struggling, and what dimensions are impacting employee productivity
4. Determine what their employees value and where they are motivated to take action
5. Identify the tools and support their employees need to be healthier, happier, more engaged, and more productive
6. Provide employee TFL Assessment information to a trusted adviser, coach, or clinical provider if appropriate
7. Use the aggregate data to assess needs and to make informed decisions
8. Institutionalize initiatives and interventions that positively impact their employees and the organization

Organizational bottom-line: Empower Health America assists organizations in making better decisions regarding the utilization of resources, time, and money to help their employees and their bottom-line. Informed decisions are better decisions.

Individual Value Proposition:
The Train For Life Assessment is a self-awareness tool which encourages an individual to reflect on their life across 15 dimensions with 8 primary outcome objectives.

Primary individual outcome objectives:
1. Have a favorable impression of the sponsor* who provided the assessment
2. Have a positive Train For Life Assessment experience
3. Broaden their perspective of what impacts their health and happiness
4. Identify their level of satisfaction in each dimension and what is impacting their happiness
5. Gain clarity regarding how each dimension impacts their stress level and productivity
6. Identify where they are motivated to take action
7. Seek additional support from Empower Health America and/or other resources if requested
8. Share assessment data with a trusted resource, coach or clinical provider if requested
*Empower Health America, organization or individual providing the assessment

Individual bottom-line: Individual has a positive Train for Life Assessment experience, gains a broader perspective of what impacts their health and happiness, becomes more aware of what is important to them, and ultimately empowered to take action.

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