Empower Health America Provides Virtual Solutions

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Do you need solutions to keep your employees healthy, engaged, and productive? Empower Health America (EHA) can help. Below are a few of our service offerings.

EHA offers over 35 educational sessions designed to educate, inform, and inspire intentional action. Length: 30 to 90 minutes – Frequency: 1 time, packaged as a series, or our signature Train For Life Empowerment program. Sessions can be delivered pre-recorded or live and are customizable. Below is an example of a live session. Click here to access a video recording of the session, Finding a “Healthy” New Normal in High-Stress Times.

EHA delivers 15 to 30-minute Water Cooler sessions and can integrate into pre-existing organizational initiatives.

EHA delivers pre-recorded and live fitness sessions into the comfort of your own home.