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World Health Organization calls stress “the health epidemic of our time” – and for good reason; 80% of US workers feel stressed on the job and the total cost adds up to $300 billion in lost productivity according to Gallup research.  Both companies and employees are affected:

  • 64% of employees feel their employer doesn’t provide sufficient resources to help manage their stress
  • 83% of employees report work is their primary source of stress
  • 42% report that they leave their job due to stress
  • 3 out of 5 employees report that stress impacts their work quality and performance

We are all doing more with fewer resources. Businesses around the world face a challenge: balancing high performance and results with mental well-being and work-life balance. No company or person is exempt, which is why mental health and well-being are becoming a more important part of the healthcare conversation. Helping individuals develop resiliency and better coping skills are both important as the demand to adopt and adapt continues to grow.   

Empower Health America (EHA) provides consulting, coaching and workshops that address these challenges. Topics such as:

  • Life Balance and burnout
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Brain function and emotional intelligence 
  • Stress management and self-regulation
  • Resiliency and change management

The demand for solutions in these areas are even higher which is why EHA Founder, Terrie Reeves speaks at corporate and professional events on these same topics. Click and hear what Terrie’s last audience had to say about her Pause and Train For Life session.

Helping individuals, teams and organizations develop greater resiliency through evidence-based coaching and programs is a proactive way to help individuals gain greater personal awareness and practical skills to better manage the pressures of work and life. 

Institutionalizing change requires a systems approach, and if needed, we provide Organizational Change and Design consulting to enhance sustainability.   

If you have a readiness to change we would welcome a discovery call.

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